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My mother was our first client. I knew her as a stunning, impressive woman. She had a dark complexion, a flair for high fashion, and a great love for the sun. From years of sailing with my father, her skin had aged faster than her spirit. She used products from only the chicest stores, paid the premium prices, and saw little to no improvement. My mission was to make her feel stunning again. First, I needed to solve a mystery. It was puzzling to me that none of the products my mother used worked, despite the emotional and financial investment. Then it became clear; the elaborate packaging, the runway model spokespeople and the center fold advertisements were all a premium façade to mask inferior products. Together, my mother and I met a family of skin care professionals who emigrated from Europe to Montreal, my home city. As you can imagine, we were thrilled by this connection. With my passion and commitment to this quality, I was determined to find a formula that produced immediate, positive results. Our original formula was born from the finest French ingredients and modeled after the French skin care system. We worked with the chemists to combine the complicated French skin care routine into steps that were manageable for even the most hectic lifestyle. This was the beginning of our journey back to “stunning


My mother was our first client. I knew her as a stunning, im...
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