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Estelle Coughlan

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Estelle Coughlan, known as The London Sound Healer, identifies herself as a Sound Healer and Reiki Master and Teacher. She carries the healing tradition into the third generation, following the path laid by her mother and grandmother.

Having embarked on a shamanic journey since her teens, Estelle has undergone training with the Sacred Trust, the Power Path School, and Sandra Ingerman. She considers herself fortunate to have spent time in the Amazon rainforest, where she learned from the indigenous locals about their relationship with plants and trees, including their medicinal uses.

With a profound passion for the healing and transformative potential of sound, especially during this transitional period on Earth, Estelle received training at The College of Sound Healing, where she holds accreditation. Her practice involves working with 432hz crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, and the gong. Additionally, she has received training from sound healing pioneers Jonathan Goldman and Jill Purce.

Estelle conducts individual healing sessions through sound and also facilitates group experiences such as sound baths, events, workshops, and retreats for people of all ages in both public and private settings.

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    Estelle Coughlan, known as The London Sound Healer, identifi...


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