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Tarun Thadani
September 6, 2023 · changed the group description.

Fashionite is a family run fashion industry business that was established in 1985 by Lt, Shri P.S Chawla and since 2002, it is now run by his son and daughter-in-law.

We have built a soaring reputation based on our team of talented and passionate professionals who focus on making high-quality products and providing our customers with a unique and exciting experience in all areas of personal appearance and lifestyle. Our customers have been at the heart of every product, and it is through your acceptance and good response that has made Fashionite the celebrated brand it is today. Fashionite has an in-house team as well as a team of international designers that is led by Mrs. Harsimar Chawla, the creative director behind the amazing products that present endless choices to our customers. Our collection of original, innovative and bold fabric textures is what makes us tick and stand out as a signature fashion brand. Over our 34 years of existence, we have gained immense experience in understanding our customers’ preferences to ensure we design tailor-made products that are truly customized to all our customers’ unique needs. We get our inspiration to continue churning out quality fashion products from our customers, nature, art, music and contemporary fashion.

We look forward to an amazing business relationship


Fashionite is a family-run fashion industry business that ...
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