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Kevin Davies

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Krushna Bhandari
February 14, 2024 · changed the group description.

Kevin decided to open Bio Health Scan with the aim of assisting others in reclaiming their health. The focus is on maintaining good health through the utilization of Bio Resonance technology for Accelerated Healing, empowering individuals to take charge of their own well-being. Efforts are directed towards enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, and affordability of the process.

Individuals are offered the opportunity to explore a novel approach to achieving better health, one that Kevin discovered and mastered during his personal journey towards recovery. Rather than merely surviving, Kevin sought to thrive.

Kevin shared his journey at the Health and Wellbeing show, expressing dissatisfaction with conventional medicine and his subsequent exploration of alternative and complementary biological therapies, leading him to Frequency Medicine.

In 2003, Kevin encountered Frequency Medicine for the first time, eventually acquiring his first device and undergoing training as a therapist, specializing in SCENAR-style devices from Denas. Over the course of 12 years, he expanded his expertise, acquiring his first Rife system in January 2017, followed by his initial Bio Resonance system later that same year.

Drawing upon his background in electronics and computing, Kevin recognized an opportunity to offer a straightforward, transparent, and welcoming service for individuals to access this remarkable technology. He aims to impart his unique insights on its usage, viewing it as a lifelong skill.

Today, Kevin assists individuals in overcoming serious health conditions, providing a convenient and accessible means for them to explore or purchase these systems at fair prices, accompanied by exceptional customer service.

This approach has proven highly effective, as more individuals discover the benefits of researching and understanding their own health through Kevin's expertise with this technology. With ongoing research, further improvements are anticipated.

Krushna Bhandari
February 14, 2024 · added a group cover image.

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    Kevin decided to open Bio Health Scan with the aim of assi...
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