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Tarun Thadani
July 28, 2023 · changed the group description.
The story of a Tibetan woman entrepreneur and yoga teacher with her team of local women

Sonam was born in Tibet in a semi-nomadic family, at the age of eight she had to flee Tibet to take refuge in India with her Buddhist nun sister. She has lived in India for 25 years. She has been a French-speaking guide and well-being and spiritual travel expert in India for 10 years. Because of her self-healing through yoga, she decides to share this knowledge for the benefit of as many people as possible around her. Yoga and spiritual journey; It is a personal journey through your mind, your karma and your body. There is therefore no quick and direct method. It's a way to turn trips into inner journeys. Loving Tara wishes to share it with you.

Women artists, healers, entrepreneurs, housewives, guides, animators, teachers and professionals from Tibet, Ladakh and Kerala. We organize spiritual visits to meet sacred places and recognized masters from home, activities around well-being and entertainment that rejuvenate the body and mind while empowering and valuing local women. The empowerment of local women and the healing wisdom of Himalayan traditions are inspirations that nurture our hearts and souls. For an ethical and sustainable journey, for an inner and outer revolution of women: WELCOME TO THE INDIAN HIMALAYA!


The story of a Tibetan woman entrepreneur and yoga teacher w...
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