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We are a leading ladies high fashion garment manufacturing Export Company certified for ISO 9001-2008 by SGS United Kingdom Ltd. for quality management, annual turnover is approximately $ 7.5 million.

We have been in the business of making ladies high fashion garments for over three decades and presently have a work force of over 800 persons.

We do the things that we need to do, to make sure we have a happy bunch working for you because we love the people we work with.

We are certified for Corporate Social Responsibility compliance on ETI ( code of conduct by Intertek and are members of SEDEX (

You can also find us on the global supply chain traceability site My String, ( as a ladies high fashion garments manufacturer.

We are certified under the Global Organic Textile Standards ( for using sustainable textiles such as organic cotton.

Our design team loves creating beautiful garments. They are at the pulse of the latest trends. They visit trade shows such as Premiere Vision and Tex World and travel regularly to fashion hubs such as London & Paris to be in tune with what is on the streets and also in that little boutique round the corner. The designers produce exclusive and best selling styles for our customers. Each one of them put in their unique talent in crafting beautiful detailing which is the key ingredient in the value added product that everyone loves from us. Please login to our special designer update section where you can see our latest offerings. Login and password for existing customers will be provided by mail. We use our in-house embroidery unit which includes over 40 embroidery machines, a multi head computerized sequins embroidery machine and embellishment handworkers for sampling and production to enliven the garments that you all love.

Our merchandising team works closely with our production team making sure that each detail is incorporated as per the order requirement. They keep our clients informed of the progress along the way. They monitor each stage, from cut to finish, ensuring that garments of the highest quality are being delivered on time.

Our very experienced fabric and accessories team ensure quality and provide technical solutions at every stage.

Our in-house laboratory carries out complete tests for all our greige and processed fabrics, and garments, guaranteeing the best quality standards are maintained.

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    We are a leading ladies high fashion garment manufacturing...
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