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Norma  Duncan
Norma Duncan

Acquisition International Business Excellence Awards 2024 Winner Norma Duncan CEO & Founder 12th Prestigious Industry Awards Win -   Public Announcement Saturday 25th May 2024.

We are thrilled to be Awarded Best Investment Art Company – Southern England for the prestigious  Acquisition International Business Excellence Awards 2024.


Excellence is always at the forefront of what we do within business, by setting new standards, creating attractive and sustainable products, and delivering added value returns to a consumer and investment  market demographic, who appreciates value for money within the digital economy ecosystem.  


It is true that not all products within the digital economy are entirely digital. However, the future of luxury and investment goods is sustainability within the digital ecosystem.


In the year 2024 as traditional retail ecosystems are faced with incredible challenges, the online and digital retail & trading economies face less harsh conditions due to the global access in which the digital ecosystem provides.


Over the past 8-year period, we have spent time developing the right fit products and service models to meet an online global generational marketplace. We are proud to be recognised  for our enterprise ,as well as, proud to empower consumers with choice  and lead industry within the  sustainable business excellence model.


In the next 8-days we will launch our first open edition art print collection  shop within the Saatchi Art marketplace. We partnered with Saatchi Art for this new product line because they have decades of experience within the global digital economy, are trusted by 2 million online buyers, offer dirtsubtion and printing solutions  and can reach 140+ countries which empowers us,  to deliver our art print products  to our global marketplace at ease.



What makes our new open edition art prints unique, is that we are one of the first independent blue-chip artist brands, who automatically will offer our customers a guaranteed restoration  & resell service for secondary marketplace trading.


It is true that Emotionism-Art products within  Art, Interiors & Fashion lines  are either original or editions or limited editions, which makes them collectible.

The reason I decided as an artist, to create this product line at this time, is to serve an  underserved mass market potential  by offering investors, art collectors, architects, hospitality,  interior designers, online shoppers  and corporate clients alike “the affordable collectible art product print”.  


As of the year 2020 my highest independent art appraisal for one of my major art collections achieved  the would-be new highest living artist in the world art valuation of £2 billion pounds for a future major hologram art project.   A single original art work is currently priced from £ 5million pounds. The value of this calibre of original art works is rare and is only affordable to the 1% of the world`s highest earners.


I created the New Abstract Moods Collection 2024 as an alternative asset class. The art  collection of 80 prints if were to remain as single originals, would be priced at £5 million pounds each. This collection is unique to all other art collections under the Norma Duncan Emotionism-Art brand, because these works of art, are digital and  printed to order,  making them sustainable on a supply to demand framework.


The Abstract Moods Collection 2024 is an open edition print, which means, the art will be available to be printed to order for 365 days only. The prices start from around £40 for a small print to £500 pounds for a larger print. The collection will automatically be priced at a minimum resell price of 10xs its current  market value from year 2027 onwards when resold on our new exclusive secondary marketplace once live.


For example, a print costing £40 would have an automatic resell price of £400. From year 2027 onwards we aim to launch our secondary marketplace. We empower our customers to resell our products for profit. We take the hassle out of reselling, and we are sustainable  with a market reach of 190+ countries at full scale, and with a substantial  accessible  4 billion online global consumer audience, due to our major partnerships in place , which enables us to deliver best generational trading results.

There is a potential that our prints will increase in value by 2027 beyond our 10`xs resell price point,  depending on our traction, prominence, momentum such as major museum placements and other financial market business partnerships, should we  proceed or eclipse these growth milestones before year 2027.


We will be independently valued for our company, our stocks and our collectibles which will be published in the financial news in due course, along our growth periods.


Best Investment Art Company, means offering the best resell price, creating unique products and having secured financial backings from some of the leading finance firms in the UK for generational global financial options , within the  blue-chip collectible luxury markets,  where products only increase in value over time.


Sustainable growth models are the cornerstone of the digital economy. I can say, we have already seen 19% increase in online traffic over the past 7-days  as well as orders waiting to hit our marketplace, as we pre-launch this new product line into our niche target markets, which at scale reaches 140+ million prospective monthly  global customers after launch period have commenced. In due course we will go pubic with our other sustainable models for secondary market trading solutions but today, we want to celebrate the birth of what could be a truly remarkable year 2024 for us all.


We are proud to be recognised and shortlisted  across three global  business world news honours lists including Top 50 companies to watch for in 2024, and it is a privilege to be awarded  Best Investment Art Company Southern England 2024. You can read the official Acquisition International  Business Excellence Awards Press-Release Here:  

You can access our  The Abstract Moods Collection 2024 online catalogue on 

We go live in approx.. 8-days.


It is a busy and exciting time.


I`d like to personally thank all our supporters across the world.


Best wishes,

Norma Duncan

E-ART CEO Founder & Blue-Chip Artist

Emotionism-Art Best Investment Art Company Southern England.

Global Multi-Award-Winning Online Luxury  Blue-Chip Art & Design Brand.

AI Business Excellence  Awards Winners 2024 Title:


Norma Duncan, CEO of, founded the award...
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