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Philip Edward Spencer

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In 2013, Philip Spencer established London DE with a vision of creating an ethical and sustainable business driven by his passion for gemstones and jewelry. Over the years, London DE has expanded globally, establishing a reliable network of third-party delivery partners.

In 2020, the company opened its Colombian subsidiary, London DE SAS, situated in the heart of Bogota's emerald district. This strategic location ensures that the stones and materials are sourced directly from the top of the supply chain, promoting transparency in the mine-to-market process and eliminating intermediaries.

In January 2022, London DE inaugurated its DMCC (Dubai Multi-Commodities Centre) office in the United Arab Emirates, providing direct access to one of the world's fastest-growing luxury retail markets.

Capitalizing on exclusive relationships within the industry, London DE offers gemstones and jewelry at prices significantly lower than traditional high-street retailers. The company exclusively collaborates with a select group of trusted suppliers, fostering long-standing partnerships. Each piece created by London DE is unique, handcrafted, and never duplicated. Alongside bespoke items, a curated collection of ready-to-wear jewelry is also offered.

London DE relies on its team's collective knowledge, skills, and experience to engage with customers in a professional and consultative manner. Committed to delivering the highest standards of service and aftercare, the company prioritizes customer satisfaction throughout the entire process.

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    In 2013, Philip Spencer established London DE with a vision ...
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