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Original Designs

“As a woman, I understand the frustration of buying clothes that end up sitting in your closet. Because of this, I obsess over the details of fit and construction to make the most comforatable outfits, never sacrificing an ounce of style.” - Parbeen Paul, Founder.

Zero Compromise Nuhh has been devoted to creating garments that use the finest quality fabrics, embroideries and designs. We encourage "slow fashion". We want you to enjoy wearing Nuhh from season to season.

Strong women workforce

It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two set of opposing ideals. At Nuhh our backbone is a strong women workforce and we do our bit to support them and their families.

Customer Obsessed

In every decision we make at Nuhh, we always aim to put people first. This means doing the right thing by our customers, our employees, and the environment to continuously improve our business and earn your trust.


Original Designs “As a woman, I understand the frustration o...
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