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Cristina Harsan

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Krushna Bhandari
February 13, 2024 · added a group cover image.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Reiki, the Japanese art of living. There are five principles that make this art such a wonderful path to explore: Just for today ........

Lets immerse ourselves into gratitude!

For more insights, you can check

For Reiki-related manuals, feel free to contact me

Hello everyone!

First of all, I am honoured to share this space with you and to participate in the London event on February 15th.

Thank you for the invitation, and thanks to the entire team that made this event possible.

For me, it is a privilege to be able to talk about my greatest passion, which has become part of my life and part of who I am, i.e. tarot and Reiki.

I have always wondered what would happen if I started to own myself, to own the person I truly am, and to own myself in such a way that there is no need to expect anything from that. And the non-expectation has led me to a place of gratitude, love, and self-awareness. Most of all, acceptance.

I realised that we came here to serve our higher selves, and by doing that, we are of service to others.


Cristina Bianca Harsan was born in 1985 and has over 20 year...
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