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Fashion Forward: A Clever Three-Part Bridal Look Designed for Versatility

London, UK - In a bold departure from traditional bridal wear, fashion editor Olivia Buxton Smith has teamed up with innovative label Wed Studios to create a multi-use wedding look that breaks boundaries and challenges preconceived notions of what a wedding dress should be.

Having originally enrolled at Central Saint Martins with no intention of specializing in bridalwear, Amy Trinh and Evan Phillips, the creative minds behind Wed, quickly recognized the demand for fashion-forward designs that steer away from convention. Their brand has garnered a strong following within the industry, attracting trendsetters like Olivia Buxton Smith, fashion editor and co-founder of the Drest styling app.

Olivia, known for her eclectic personal style and penchant for reusing pieces, sought a wedding ensemble that would reflect her individuality and offer versatility beyond the big day. Eschewing the traditional gown, she collaborated with Wed to craft a three-part look that perfectly encapsulates her vision.

At the core of Olivia's ensemble lies a reimagined tutu. Featuring a voluminous layered tulle underskirt, made from repurposed fabrics and off-cuts, the base of this unique creation forms a modern twist on a classic design. To add depth and individuality, Wed layered an asymmetric miniskirt crafted from exquisite off-white silk over the tulle underskirt. The miniskirt boasts whimsical design elements such as a gathered cut-out at the hip and a cascading train, culminating in a skirt that exudes modern elegance.

Ensuring cohesiveness throughout the look, Wed Studios also created a crop top using the same silk as the miniskirt. This crop top showcases visible corset boning over the bodice, further accentuated by sparkling knotted sequined straps. The result is a seamlessly integrated ensemble that effortlessly combines fashion-forward elements with timeless sophistication.

Olivia, a self-proclaimed clothes hoarder, is determined to wear her wedding look beyond her special day. Inspired to create pieces that have a purpose beyond a single use, Olivia plans to incorporate individual components of the outfit into her everyday wardrobe. She envisions wearing the silk corset with baggy jeans and pairing the silk skirt with a shrunken T-shirt, socks, and Mary-Janes. The tulle underskirt, a statement piece in itself, could be repurposed to add flair to printed pants or other ensembles.

An advocate for emerging talent, Olivia meticulously assembled her entire ensemble with pieces from London-based designers. To complement her fashion-forward vision, she selected accessories that reflect the same sensibility. Instead of traditional heels, Olivia opted for Molly Goddard's leather tie-up-the-leg ballet flats, allowing her to move freely and comfortably throughout the day. She also adorned herself with two captivating ear cuffs by Completedworks, a London-based jewelry brand known for its innovative approach to bridal adornments.

Olivia and her husband, Fred Page, celebrated their wedding in the enchanting city of Marrakech. The couple's origin story added an extra layer of sentimentality to their choice of date. Olivia's father had served as the best man at Fred's parents' wedding in 1988, and the couple decided to share the same anniversary. To mark this special occasion, Fred wore a bespoke suit by Casely-Hayford, adding an element of surprise and delight to the ceremony.

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