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Ruchi Vaish - In The Know

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Unique Olfactory Experiences

In the Know is a Fragrance Design firm, led by Ruchi Vaish, with more than a decade of industry experience, a Le Cordon Bleu trained Pastry Chef who turned her cheffing skills to making candles. A candle is essentially a carefully calibrated recipe, created with thoughtfully sourced ingredients melted to the correct temperatures for the best scent throw both cold and hot.

Ruchi's love affair with the fragrance industry started in 2011 when she moved to Paris to work with one of the largest and oldest fragrance producers in the world. Her work then took her to major brands such as Avon, Estee Lauder, Oriflame, Botticario, and L'Oréal, helping them develop and refine their strategies for the Indian market.

After returning to India to start her own business, Ruchi's training in Paris allowed her to experience and interpret the country in new ways. The fragrances that were once familiar became unfamiliar, and the unfamiliar ones became intriguingly enticing. Ruchi knew that the alluring fragrance industry had captured her heart, or more accurately, her nose. She realized that having a heightened olfactory sense provided her with a new lens through which she could view the world she came from.

"I live for memorable moments that you savor many years later. It could be a conversation, a meal, or a smell," says Ruchi.

Ruchi began her career with Arthur Andersen and has since worked with various luxury brands in Delhi, Paris, Geneva, and New York, gaining valuable experience and knowledge.

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