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Eco-Consciousness and Wellness Networking Expo Participants 09TH MAY 2024

Mark your calendars! Join us for the Eco-Consciousness & Wellness Networking Expo on May 9th at Harry Edwards Foundation. Get inspired by engaging talks from our esteemed speakers on sustainable living and holistic well-being. Calling all wellness seekers! Immerse yourself in a vibrant community exploring eco-conscious practices and achieving holistic well-being. Stay tuned as we unveil more details about this exciting event!

Parm Dlay.jpg

Parm Dlay

Parm Dlay, founder of dLAY Ayurveda, is a strong proponent of Ayurveda, a traditional Indian medical system.


Chanise Francis 

 A certified crystal healer and Spiritual life coach, empowering women to embrace self-worth.

Sylwia Czarnecka_edited_edited.jpg

Sylwia Czarnecka

Sylwia Czarnecka is a yoga therapist and mindset coach. She combines science, spirituality, and mindfulness to connect with the subconscious mind, bringing transformative results.


Helen King

Helen King is a a Natural Health Coach, specialising in Pain Relief, Injury Repair, Guided Therapeutic Detoxification and Anti-Aging.


Corina Cozma

Corina discovered her empathetic nature at a young age and found clarity through Astrology and Tarot. Her mission is to help others discover their talents and their connection with the universe.

Shahid Younis Photo.jpeg

Shahid Younis

Shahid Younis, Leader of SureCare Guildford, combines 30+ years in tech and government with a commitment to personalized care and community support.

Nina Ward.jpg

Nina Ward

Nina Ward, the founder of Butterflies, has a background in various fields that equip her to support young girls.


Jacqueline Whelan

With a history of experiencing soul dreams, she utilizes her innate abilities to read auras, aiding people in healing and reaching their full potential.

Sasa Evans.jpg

Sasa Evans

Sasa Evans, a Life Coach and practitioner of holistic modalities, aims to equip individuals with the tools and strategies to navigate life and career confidently and assertively.

Kevin Davies.jpg

Kevin Davies

Kevin decided to open Bio Health Scan with the aim of assisting others in reclaiming their health.


Darren Hart

Darren Hart, founder of The Darren Hart School of Mediumship and owner of Penny Coin Spiritual Centres, is dedicated to teaching mediumship and psychic studies.


Lorna Rowland

Seitai - The Japanese Art of Healing. Fusing Eastern and Western Traditions

Sam Gravestock.jpg

Sam Gravestock

Sam Gravestock stands with a foot in two worlds. From his childhood, he's been immersed in the woods, forming a profound bond with nature.

Francesca Raffa.jpg

Francesca Raffa

Francesca guides you on a powerful journey of self-discovery, helping you connect with your authentic self and fulfill your life's purpose.

Dr.Avatar Singh.jpg

Dr. Avtar Singh

Specializing in Ayurvedic treatments aimed at balancing and detoxifying the body, Dr. Avtar Singh has a track record of successfully addressing a range of health issues.


Bronwyn Sole

Bronwyn combines Kinesiology & Reiki to identify and shift energetic imbalances, restoring balance to body, mind, & spirit.

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