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One on One with Pathfinder & Business Coach - Leena Bansal

“A business coach is a pathfinder who helps professional to gain his/her focus when the grind of urgent priorities takes it away from the important goals."

Leena Bansal

Born and brought up in India, she has lived in sweden, Switzerland, France and now in Dubai. Having lived in so many countries for decades, she hopes to bring the best of their practices to India. Leena Bansal is an ambitious and inspiring woman. Her unique, out of the box ideas helped her achieve a level of success one would dream of! She is a fashion start up growth strategist. A collaborator. A advisor and an investor. She did her graduation from National Institute of Fashion Technology. She has always been passionate about helping fashion brands grow. Hence, after completing her Masters at NIFT in 1993, she again joined milano fashion institute, Italy, to learn more about brand and management. She was also a part of guest faculty at "swiss mode" and also took part in PHD4 Fashion Research Programme. These achievements gave her more exposure, and allowed her to work in different buying houses. In year 2008, she set up her own fashion buying house, "Indibala" Her second venture was to establish her own fashion advisory start up, "Leenalistens" It is all about helping people to reach their goals and to produce at their peak level they need to work for extended periods with full concentration on a single task free from distraction. Best part about it is that it provides, personalized solutions to every problem.

Today she provides services like, networking and collaboration, conducts various work shops for fashion brands, guidance on understanding and determining marketing operations, consultation and advisory support, monthly master class from ideation to execution, tools and tips on acquiring and retention of client, assistance on licensing, partnerships and building connections.

For Leena, Knowing about small details, learning about new experience is an adventure in itself. Her purpose is to shift her clients' thoughts to help them reach their goal and also to help them remove any obstacles they hit while working for it. Like the name of her start up suggests, Leena listens, is all about her listening to your ideas and assisting you to implement them. Turning experiences into learning opportunities to reveal strengths and explore challenges. She finds happiness, in supporting people to turn their experiences into learning opportunities and to reveal strengths and overcome challenges.

By the year 2025, Leena, hopes to help 10000 entrepreneurs through their journey, as they grown learn and flourish. She first started her fashion house before branching into coaching and empowering entrepreneurs. She believes, timelines are very formal. And journeys are where real transformation begins. Her vision is to create and nurture real and long term action oriented decision making by leaders in business. She hopes to create a community of ethical, optimistic, efficacious people, who strive to be balanced and honest individuals. She also values, attributes like Learning attitude, Innovative methodology, Service orientation, Tailormade solutions, Empathic approach, New-age leadership.

Every business needs a little help and guidance from experts to be successful and efficient. And who better than the one who has been through same struggles and hiccups? Leena provides, training, coaching and consultation. With her help you can get started on your road to generate more income, achieving your goals faster and mastering your time.

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